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Registration Typically Opens November 1

 Here is what you need to know:

  • All Renewals should be done through the web site if at all possible.  We prefer on line registration as it makes things easier for club management. 
  • Top do so; Log in to your account.  Remember, your username is your email address (that you registered with previously, unless you changed since registering) and password is your AMA# (unless you manually changed it).  If you cannot log in, contact a board member.  Click on "Our Club" and then "Join/Renew Membership".  Click on the appropriate year, your membership type, fill out the form, accept the terms and submit it.  (There is a paper form to fill out if you have trouble or have no computer access.  If you absolutely do not have access to a computer, then as a last resort, call one of the board members to process your application online for you.)
  • Once you submit your application online, you have two payment choices.  For fastest processing, click on the PayPal icon and pay therefore making you a club member immediately.  No, you do not have to have a PayPal account, it will accept credit cards and prompt you during the process for such.  You can send in a check or money order (along with your filled out application if doing paper copy) to the address at the bottom of these instructions.   Until such time as payment is received you are not considered a member.  
  • The system will verify your AMA electronically during registration.  Do not try and renew the club membership until after you renew your AMA. Your club renewal will be DENIED if you do so.  
  • There may be some difficulties for short (old) AMA numbers.  Add zeros to the front of your AMA number if this seems to be a problem.  Try making it an eight digit number. 
  • The club will issue you a membership card (sent via mail usually).  Once you renew and receive it, this will be your badge for the year. You are to have it in your possession and visible at all times when flying.  There will be a $5 replacement charge if you lose it.
  • Give us a few weeks to get the new badge out to you. 
  • Dues – The early sign-up dues rate will automatically be ended by the website on 12/31. This applies to both regular and senior memberships.
  • Not having a current AMA membership is not an excuse for not being able to join the club prior to the discount rate increase.  It is also a reason for immediate termination of flying rights.
  • If membership is suspended or terminated for valid reasons specified in the By-Laws there will not be any refund (partial refund or full) of dues paid or donations. This includes a temporary suspension for the expiration of your AMA membership.
  • As a condition of membership when you pay your dues you accept and agree to abide by the club By-Laws and published Field Rules. Copies of club rules and By-laws can be found on the web site or sent to you if requested.  Ignorance is not an excuse.
  • Mail application and check / money order to: Tony DiCoio / 24 Elm Court / Tabernacle N.J. 08088.