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June 3rd, 2021 at 11:00 AM

Fun Fly & Flea Mkt May 23rd, 2021





General Club Information

This club was formed in 1978 by members looking for a safe, proper, and organized R/C Flying Club.  We normally maintain a membership of approximately 140 individuals. We are a charter member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Charter # 1445– District II.

Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly place to fly radio control aircraft.  We are doing our best to operate in a safe, respectable, and environmentally friendly manner.

We hope you use this site to learn about our club and our hobby.  If you have ideas to improve the web site please let us know.


Mailing Address:  PO Box 2357, Vincentown, NJ 08088-2357

FAA Required Registration Is Now Required Again

We are now required to register according to the FAA and the AMA.  If you wish to know the details please check with the AMA at  You can register at  The club will not check FAA registration.

Important Items to Note as a Member

  • Unless you have a current AMA membership you are not allowed in the pit area.
  • All guest fliers will have their AMA membership checked prior to flying.
  • Flight stations have been set up.  Please fly from behind the flight stations (Split rail fence).  Do not fly from the runway. If you are going to enter the runway to launch or recover an aircraft you must announce it loudly and wait to get an OK from all active fliers.
  • Take your large trash home! Do not put crashed aircraft in the trash cans (especially batteries). We have limited trash collection amounts.. Please try not to put food items in the trash it attracts animals. Cigarette Butts in the Cigarette Container only.
  • No dogs allowed (per the property owner)
  • Parking is behind the wooden rail border and the grassy area behind roadway
  • Helicopter/Quad area is either from the regular flight line (while flying the pattern if others are flying) or in one of the two locations behind the flight line.  Ask somebody if you are not sure where to fly.  If you fly from our other locations you must not fly beyond the fixed wing flight line.  No flying from or in the pits.
  • Fixed wing fly in front of flight line at all times.  Do not fly behind the flight line. It extends in both directions without end. Marked by white poles with orange flags at each end of the flight line.This is an AMA rule that must be followed.
  • When others are flying, Takeoff and land in the direction of the pattern arrow. If you are not sure ask someone.
  • If you wish to fly 3D while others are flying do so beyond the far side of the runway. Do not interfere with the pattern.  Yield to aircraft taking off or landing.
  • If you are flying alone and others go up you must fly the pattern if not already doing so.
  • Loudly call takeoffs and landings. Landing aircraft always take priority. If you want to enter the runway you must loudly announce it and wait for all fliers to acknowledge with an OK.
  • Loudly declare emergencies so others can clear the way for you.  If you hear somebody declare an emergency while you are flying, give them room and stay aware.
  • Common courtesy and good flying discipline is a must.  Consider others at all times.

Remember, safety and rule enforcement is the responsibility of every member, not just the Board or the Safety Marshals.  You must help by following the rules and helping those that do not to change their ways.  This will minimize accidents, government regulation, lawsuits and possible loss of our right to fly.  It will also help us to maintain our field and keep the relationship with the owner.  Failure to follow the simple rules has already cost us the right to fly turbines.  Please do your part to help.


Safety comes first, above all else.




 Website Questions/Help?  Contact Harry (Web Administrator) by clicking here

Turbine Operation

KBDI for Sarasota County

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