New Jersey Pine Barons
AMA # 1445
Southampton Township, NJ
Steven Schwartz
(856) 778-1702


Welcome to the New Jersey Pine Baron's Radio Control Club Homepage. The club was formed in 1978 by members looking for a safe, proper and organized RC Club.  Please use this site to learn about our club and what it has to offer.  Remember- safety always comes first, even in your hobbies. 




The next meeting will be Saturday,  Dec 6th 2014, at 11am at Recreation Depot. 



2015 Membership is now open for renewal.  Please hit "Join Club or Renew" button above and follow directions. 



Turbines Jets have now been banned from our field.   The owner of the field has elected to ban all such aircraft.  Sorry to those of you you fly such aircraft, but this was due to overflights of the owners full scale airfield and beyond.  Concerns regarding near miss possibilities as well as full scale/model strikes were the reasoning.


2014 - Registration Instructions

Click on Join Club above.  2015 registration is NOW OPEN!  In Order to Renew your current membership or Join the Club, you must do so through this Website. First, click on "Join Club or Renew" above and read the Registration Instructions.  Then, either click on Join Club or Renew Membership.  The system automatically cross-checks your AMA status so do not proceed if you are not current with the AMA. 


Flying Field Location

For those that do not know where our new field is located, we are at 224 Landing St, Southampton Township, NJ 08088.  For details regarding facilities, parking and layout, click on "Our Field" in the above Toolbar and then on "Field Layout" for an aerial view.


Important Items to Note

  • MANDATORY: You must have your membership card visible at all times when at the field.  Yes, this pertains to YOU no matter who you are.
  • If you do not have your own clip, there will be some available at the field.  Clip it to your transmitter, neck strap, hat, jacket or whatever as long as people can see it.  There have been a lot of new faces since we switched fields and we need to ensure the safety of our club and its members. 
  • Bring some sort of insect repellant.  Have not seen ticks but flying pests are a plenty.
  • Non AMA Members are not to be in the pits.  This is an AMA rule!
  • Flight stations have been set up.  Please fly from behind the flight stations (Split rail fence).  Do not fly from the runway.
  • Take your trash home!!!  Cigarette Butts in the Cigarette Container only.
  • DO NOT SMOKE AT THE FIELD due to fuel/gasoline on the premises
  • No dogs allowed (per the property owner)
  • Parking is behind the cinderblock/wooden rail border and the grassy area behind roadway
  • Helicopters are is in front of barn towards road for now.  Ask somebody if you are not sure where to fly.
  • Fixed wing in front of flight line, rotary in helicopter area unless no fixed wing aircraft on site trying to fly, then you can use the main strip. 
  • Do not fly behind the flight line. It extends in both directions without end.  Once again this is an AMA rule that must be followed.
  • When others are flying land and take off into the wind.  Not sure, watch what others are doing and check the flight arrow
  • FLY THE PATTERN when others are flying. If you do not know what the pattern is ask.
  • If you wish to fly 3D do so in the middle of the field so as to not interfere with the pattern.  Yield to pattern flyers.
  • If you are flying alone and others go up you must fly the pattern.
  • Call landings and take offs.  Landing aircraft always take priority.
  • Declare emergencies so others can clear the way for you.  If you hear somebody declare an emergency while you are flying, give them room and stay aware.
  • Common and flying courtesy is a must.  Consider others at all times.
Safety comes first, above all else.
This club is no longer associated with the old field.  You are on your own and may be considered trespassing by the owner if you should decide to fly there.

Website Questions/Help?  Contact Ben (Web Administrator/Club VP) by clicking here

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