2016 Registration Instructions

 Here is what you need to know:

  • First, you no longer need to send in a copy of your AMA card.  There may be some difficulties for short AMA numbers.  Add zeros to the front of your AMA number if this seems to be a problem.  Try making it a six or eight digit number.  We will verify you electronically.  So DO NOT register for 2016 until you renew your AMA because we will know and your renewal will be DENIED until you do so.
  • The club bought new membership cards which are sturdy like a credit card.  Once you renew and receive it, this will be your badge for the year. There will be a $5 replacement charge if you lose it.
  • All 2016 Renewals SHOULD BE DONE THROUGH THE WEBSITE.  There is a paper form to fill out if you have troubles or have no computer access but we prefer on line registration.  Log in to your account, click on "Our Club" and then on "Join/Renew Membership".  Click on 2016 (only option), your payment amount, fill out the form, accept the terms and submit it. 
  • Remember, your username is your email address (that this email was sent to) and password is AMA#.  If you can not log in, then contact us.  If you absolutely do not have access to a computer, then, as a last resort, call one of the board members to process your application online for you. 
  • Once you submit your application online, you have two payment choices ONLY.  For fastest processing, click on the PAYPAL icon and pay right away to be instantly marked as "Paid/Approved" for 2016.  If not, you can send in a check or money order to the PO Box that will show up on the website once you submit your application.   You will be marked "Paid/Approved" once your check is received.
  • Give us a few weeks to get the new badge out to you. 
  • Fees - This is your warning!  The website will automatically increase the discount after 12/31/16 so register before then if you want the discount!
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Check out the For Sale items under the Buy/Sell menu above!


Username: is your email address if provided.  If not, try your first initial and last name (jsmith).  You can change this under "My Profile" once you log in.  DO NOT USE THE SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR TWO DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS.  Better to not use an e-mail address for one of those individuals.

Password: We used your AMA number unless you had it changed or you changed it.

You must log in to view your profile, renew membership and have access to certain items, such as the club membership/contact list. If you wish, you can adjust your own profile so you are not listed.



Incorrect Email Addresses

We have many members with either incorrect email addresses or no email addresses at all.  If you are not receiving club emails, this is you!  Please contact the Website Administrator by clicking here so we can properly input you in the system.