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Tactic Transmitter New

New never used w/8 channel rcvr

List for $150 plus shipping 

Here’s what the TTX850 has to offer!

  • Airplane, helicopter and multi-rotor software
  • Intuitive, straightforward menus
  • Push-button programming
  • 30-model memory
  • Wireless trainer system and wired trainer system with 3.5 mm round jack
  • Six programmable mixes
  • Factory-programmed mixes including three swash mixes for helis and eight wing/tail configurations for fixed-wing aircraft
  • User-selectable switch assignments
  • Two sliding side levers, six 3-position switches and two 2-position switches
  • Sticks with ultra-smooth quad-bearing gimbals, plus length and tension adjustments
  • High-resolution, 256x160 red backlit graphing LCD with contrast and brightness adjustments
  • Servo reversing, sub-trim and travel limits (all channels)
  • Dual rates and exponential (aileron, elevator & rudder)
  • Digital trims with slow/fast adjustment (aileron, elevator, rudder & throttle)
  • Adjustable low-voltage alarm
  • 4.8V 1000mAh NiMH transmitter battery
  • AC wall charger with interchangeable U.S., UK & EU terminals
  • Charge jack
  • Internal antenna
  • Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft.
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H Minnier
1.4 years ago

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Tactic Transmitter New (Item 7289)
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